Which comments by Sequence were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-11-24"""I just can't see it."" Obliviousness and division of labor"
2019-11-23"""I just can't see it."" Obliviousness and division of labor"
2019-11-21Work hours in humanities grad school?
2019-10-29Waiting for therapy - how to cope in the meantime?
2019-10-04Parents want to leave bulk (all?) to my brother, in their will
2019-10-04PMS and nocturnal panic attacks.
2019-09-26Should I switch from T-Mobile to Sprint?
2019-09-19Will the IRS properly refund my money?
2019-09-08Book for learning modern web development
2019-08-22Two questions about to-do list app features
2019-07-19I'm taking a small-town job - is it a terrible idea to live in the city?
2019-07-12Apps to help me remember to do weekly/monthly chores
2019-05-03Skin problems on improved diet
2019-04-12I have money; how do I get the IRS to take it?
2019-04-09In WV Does a Multi-Member LLC Have To File A State Return
2019-04-04Devastated about being fired
2019-03-20Insomnia -- sleep restriction troubleshooting/support
2019-02-14Old school gaming: coop multiplayer LAN
2019-02-13Pain After Root Canal Filling - Is there a nerve trapped??
2019-02-05What might be some reasonable ways to alleviate my partner's insecurity?
2019-01-10How hard would it be to carry my prescriptions over to a new psych?