Which comments by hydra77 were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-30will it save: dressing(?) edition
2019-12-10Cozy pre-theater dinner in downtown PDX
2019-11-19"Etiquette/Manners Filter: Go-To Quip for vendor ""I don't work here"" ?"
2019-10-15What kind of birthday cake would you like?
2019-10-15Examples of/interviews on less creative big budget films
2019-10-03Orgy-free sound library
2019-09-26How to enrich the life of a cat
2019-09-06Graphic Design Videos similar to Aaron Draplin's
2019-09-05Gardeners, help me turn my school rooftop into a sensory oasis of calm.
2019-08-23Sure-fire indoor toddler activities
2019-08-16More like The Descent, less like The Shining
2019-08-16Help me help myself - bossy coworker question
2019-08-14Is there a minivan in my future?
2019-08-13Out Damned Spot
2019-08-12Looking to throw a particular type of shade - the lamp edition
2019-08-06Poster presentation board that folds down to Letter or Legal size?
2019-07-18Garlic scape pesto was too strong
2019-07-16iOS Game Suggestions Wanted
2019-07-13How mountainous/hilly is the driving around Badlands National Park (SD)?
2019-07-05CMYK, PDFs and test-prints
2019-07-05CMYK, PDFs and test-prints
2019-07-03Centre a left-justified paragraph in in-design
2019-07-03Where to watch World Cup final in Tigard, OR?
2019-06-18Neighbors need to breach party wall agreement - options?
2019-06-09Father’s Day Opt-Out (Weekend Trip Suggestions)
2019-06-06Mac App Interface Examples
2019-05-03Creative conference room name
2019-04-12I have money; how do I get the IRS to take it?
2019-03-27Where in the US should I live (cheaply)?
2019-03-20Fractions and decimals for a kid who doesn't like math
2019-03-04How do I prevent fresh strawberries from going bad so quickly?
2019-02-28A Vegetarian Salad Cookbook Doesn't Help This Time, Oddly....
2019-02-26Help me make a bucket list for Portland, OR plus the PNW