Which comments by SyraCarol were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-28What can I do to stop my life from spiralling further out of control?
2017-12-20Where would you go if you could go anywhere? Why?
2017-12-16Please explain voter ID to this non-American like I'm a 12 year old
2017-12-12Help me get to work!
2017-11-25That time of the year again: which health insurer should I get?
2017-11-12Am I a Sucker or What?
2017-10-28Novels or films that feature the creation of human society anew
2017-10-19How do I detoxify my marriage?
2017-10-10Beyond vision boards
2017-09-22What arrangements do you have with adult children living at home?
2017-08-30Help Me Help My Dad
2017-08-22What was it like to have terminal syphilis in the US in the 1920s?
2017-07-22Atypical angina in the hemothorax? Get me 5000ccs of tamoxifen STAT
2017-06-24Will No One Rid Me of this Troublesome... Cabbage?
2017-06-03Resources and advice for avoiding power struggles with clients
2017-05-31Is it just anemia?
2017-05-15Preparing for a doctor's appointment re: anxiety.
2017-04-30Seeking advice on treatment options for spinal degeneration
2017-02-27Feeling lost in a foreign country… need some input, advice, comfort…
2017-01-11PMS symptoms but period hasn't shown up yet
2017-01-05How did you our people you know learn to not be racist and xenophobic?