Which comments by nightrecordings were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-11-30help me buy less stuff
2019-11-25Why don’t people like it when I gain self confidence?
2019-11-13traffic court. i can't get there. what will happen to me?
2019-10-29Waiting for therapy - how to cope in the meantime?
2019-10-29Car accident. What do we ask for?
2019-10-17Help us survive our first family snowy winter in a mountain home
2019-09-29Horror films about curses being passed on from person to person?
2019-07-14Emergency prescription drug refill when you have no prescription
2019-05-06Traveling to Canada when unemployed
2019-03-10Should I host this houseguest again?
2019-02-23Need tricks for decoupling self-esteem from publishing rejection
2019-02-20I need GTD but it's giving me anxiety
2019-02-10which of the 4324737492 different Vatican tours is right for us?
2019-02-10Non-physical ways to show affection
2019-01-22Should I Eat This Eventually? Citrus Confit