Which comments by theory were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

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2021-08-17Help me migrate phones without all the headache (Android)
2021-07-29How to deal with massive digital memory requirements while overseas
2021-07-08Standalone camera that obscures subject
2021-06-24Best service to use for digitizing old, fragile Super 8 film?
2021-06-14USA Walking Trip, where?
2021-05-25"Yet another ""help me choose a camera"" post."
2021-05-13I need to sell a bike.
2021-04-22Who are all these rich people?
2021-04-19Flat walking paths/walk options in Atlanta / North Fulton area?
2021-04-19Fair pay for lyric video
2021-03-26What are these gentlemen up to?
2021-03-20How can I... watch this DVD?
2021-03-14What recipe app do I want?
2021-03-01Music advice for old(er) moms
2021-02-20Podcasts about process
2021-02-17Searching for (and accessing) clips from old talk shows & news programs
2021-02-06The evolution of fashion over the last few decades
2021-01-25What are the weirdest nonstop flights?
2021-01-23What was this Disney attraction?