Which comments by janey47 were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-18Golden Gate...Divisadero...Turk...Fillmore!
2017-12-06Fantasy/paranormal shows that aren't gory/miserable?
2017-11-25pre-gaming the funeral
2017-11-21Help me light my loo
2017-10-17Alternatives to Love
2017-10-16'We may not have much, but we have each other'
2017-10-16Cheer up, bucko.
2017-10-13Logan Lucky crossed with Gone Girl?
2017-10-07Help us fall in love with sweet potatoes!
2017-10-05How do YOU meditate?
2017-09-23I'm getting noise complaints and now paranoid. Advice??
2017-09-09Gifts for the hard-to-buy-for mother
2017-06-14Memories of once-in-a-lifetime job are souring my feelings for new jobs
2017-06-04Interesting, recent non-fiction that is available on Kindle
2017-04-16How to get career and life advice - fast!
2017-04-15early-stage dating communication
2017-03-02Should I tell my ex that i think he manipulated/abused me?
2017-01-28How to meet new people ... instagram edition
2017-01-26I got the Jimmy Legs
2017-01-26I got the Jimmy Legs
2017-01-09Into the garbage chute, flyboy!
2017-01-05Into the garbage chute, flyboy!