Which comments by Nelson were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-29The best condiment, dip, or extra zip that you like to add to pizza?
2019-12-23Should I plan an alternate route down the 5 into Los Angeles?
2019-12-15Is my university a particularly leftist bubble?
2019-12-12Safety of WIFI in Assisted Living
2019-12-05Looking for San Francisco artist circa 1990
2019-11-30New router time: stock firmware? DD-WRT? Tomato? OpenWRT?
2019-11-02Skin tone emoji etiquette?
2019-09-27Who and why are all these little planes?
2019-08-31Help me choose a replacement computer!
2019-07-15From Toulouse to Paris
2019-07-10Is GoodRx legit?
2019-06-24Experienced Kimchi-makers, please help me!
2019-06-01Progressive flags
2019-05-27critique this gaming PC build
2019-05-16What's the best abortion rights charity to donate to?
2019-05-12Budget-safe GPUs
2019-03-27how to business trip, San Francisco edition
2019-03-11"Talk to me about ""smart"" TVs. More specifically, how to make them dumb? "
2019-02-15Old school gaming: coop multiplayer LAN