Which comments by pipeski were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-11How to say it
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2019-11-20Haunt me
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2019-09-13Legend of the Mystery Rock Face Thingy
2019-09-13Legend of the Mystery Rock Face Thingy
2019-09-11How can I access the data inside a dead external hard drive?
2019-09-05Looking for fiction where character's fiction appears
2019-08-13Set Me Up For Failure!
2019-06-29We were promised jet packs.
2019-06-1748 Hours in Newcastle?
2019-06-12Very specific fiction formatting question
2019-06-09Assume spherical blinds in a vacuum... (very minor physics question)
2019-05-16Overthinking a planting of beans
2019-04-16Are these bed bugs biting me?? (Pictures enclosed)
2019-04-08Please help me keep my shiny new stove nice and shiny
2019-04-03I'm going to Notthingham, but is Sherwood Forest not what I want
2019-03-20Dreamy psychedelic rock, 1966 to present
2019-02-23Could someone who reads Chinese please help me uninstall a Win10 add-on?
2019-02-05Care and feeding of your Chilhuacle pepper
2019-01-31ScotchFilter: recommend a gift scotch?
2019-01-07What do I need to know about doing an OS upgrade?