Which comments by soundguy99 were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-18I need speakers. Which ones?
2019-12-06Where should I work for the day in Cleveland?
2019-12-01Speaker damage?
2019-11-27Want an apolitical Crime/Detective writer
2019-11-02Help me feel the bass
2019-10-23Drums are loud.
2019-09-24Your favorite key change sucks?
2019-09-24Your favorite key change sucks?
2019-07-09Why are there no song credits in TV shows?
2019-07-05Why are there no song credits in TV shows?
2019-05-21How can I find out when a song was registered with ASCAP or BMI?
2019-05-12Can a “linear array” PA system work for a rock band?
2019-04-07Please talk me out of puppy fever
2019-03-20“I was very careful never to take an interesting job.”
2019-03-12Food, drink and sights to see in Cleveland
2019-02-18How to get the best sound with consumer equipment into a PA?
2019-02-09My friend is mad at me for asking her dog to wear a service vest.
2019-02-03What iPad recording/microphone interface should I get?
2019-01-30Cheapest possible speaker for public presentation
2019-01-22Will my use of Gritty violate copyright laws?
2019-01-04Would cheap egg crate foam help with noise from above?