Which comments by FirstMateKate were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-23Hot grease splatters, burns on my chest/arms/gut. Now what?
2019-12-20Office chair with attached footrest for sitting
2019-11-18"Ideas for ""Cozy"" birthday evening"
2019-10-18Inspiration for anti-Brexit protest sign
2019-10-14Does this pattern exist?
2019-08-08Indie bands with jams
2019-08-02How do I Beach with my elderly mother?
2019-08-01Superheroes in hot weather
2019-07-24How to enjoy myself with someone new?
2019-06-06What is this behaviour called, and how do I put a stop to it?
2019-05-19What games for Nintendo Switch would I like?
2019-04-02Oh So Jubiloso
2019-02-24How to Meet in the Middle of the Mattress?
2019-01-13Bug ID, unsettlingly large edition