Which comments by Sunburnt were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-10-27James Bond 007 themed halloween house? Limited materials and time.
2021-10-10Headset mic not working on exactly one computer
2021-09-13There's Gonna Be A Jailbreak...Eventually
2021-08-26What auto service shoud I get and where?
2021-07-03Fans and extension cord/power strip safety
2021-06-07Container for ethanol?
2021-05-19Toe Woes
2021-05-09Portable microscope that works with your phone for backpacking?
2021-05-07How is concrete googie made?
2021-05-06Science Fiction Beach Reads
2021-04-25How to connect an old MacBook Air to a Dell monitor?
2021-04-19Songs that are about a song of the same name
2021-04-16What awesome things can I do with my 3d printer?
2021-03-30Crack in the ceiling - should we be worried?
2021-03-02TV scene: cult members in white robes on roof's edge?
2021-02-23Looking for examples of less obvious but desired movie props.
2021-02-10Is my EVOO EVOO? Counterfeit oil prevention.
2021-01-13Point me towards Instagram lingerie models over 40.