Which comments by Mr.Know-it-some were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

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2019-10-25Standby HELOC benefits
2019-10-17"""All great achievements require time"""
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2019-09-16Dam this dam
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2019-07-25What is the name for this uncontested economic aphorism?
2019-07-10Global economics, monetary policy, and other simple topics
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2019-06-14what kind of professional can I pay to help me un-bleep my finances?
2019-06-122 cars - 1 car = 1 car
2019-05-21Barring therapy, how do you isolate your family issues into one question
2019-05-19Motivation to save small amounts of money when goal feels huge?
2019-05-15What's the best abortion rights charity to donate to?
2019-05-13I need a name that personifies rigorous testing
2019-04-29Help me build my bodyweight fitness routine
2019-04-19Visiting NY City with a curious 10 year old.
2019-04-19How do I go about getting a mortgage loan?
2019-03-29Stumped by business jargon
2019-03-19I wish I was a little bit taller, not really, just faster.
2019-03-04Beltway bachelor seeks bargain bicycle
2019-02-25Best books for babies?
2019-02-15Drinking the Kool-Aid
2019-02-06Setting prices for used household items for sale
2019-02-06I need a new oven, I guess
2019-01-29Good news aggregator?
2019-01-28Is there a real chance a pro could fix my >$10K mistake?
2019-01-24Do I qualify for the child and dependent care credit?