Which comments by theora55 were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-218 Crazy Legs
2019-12-18Unable to text 1940/1950's era photos? Won't download. Help?
2019-12-16Finding the source of a mystery gas leak…in my stomach…
2019-12-12Railway lingo as break-up metaphor
2019-12-09Tell me about the nuts & bolts you dealt with starting a small business!
2019-12-03Pie/2 - leftover pecan pie goo
2019-11-30Professional Fairy Godmother
2019-11-30Where's the Deep State when you need it?
2019-11-28Cooking fail advice please
2019-11-26How to handle holiday cards this year
2019-11-17"Ideas for ""Cozy"" birthday evening"
2019-11-17Life tasks - what do we do and when
2019-11-09Shipping car across state lines to unreliable family member (not my idea
2019-11-01ISO Stocking Stuffers: USB edition
2019-10-20Dealing with a toxic parent
2019-10-10I don't like having my brains picked.
2019-10-09Help me not ruin my hiking vacation
2019-10-09Snacks to bring for Korean dinner?
2019-10-07Why do people think Roth IRA/401(k) accounts are so great?
2019-10-01Essays/Articles That Opened Your Mind
2019-09-29Why do some middle-aged men lie about their age on Tinder?
2019-09-23Patio lights as a room-lighting, indoor fixture?
2019-09-23My kid, the rock hound.
2019-09-21Help me autumn the eff out of autumn
2019-09-18Research on environment-induced frequency-specific hearing loss?
2019-09-17The Most Boring Girl in Las Vegas
2019-09-16How to transport a steak dinner?
2019-09-13I know you can’t diagnose me, but can you get a doctor to diagnose me?
2019-09-10Propagation on easy mode
2019-09-10Code Name Help!
2019-08-30Blistering in new exterior paint
2019-08-26Toxicity of chimney creosote to environment?
2019-08-25What are your best baby redirects?
2019-08-23Sure-fire indoor toddler activities
2019-08-23How do you buy nice things?
2019-08-21Uggs and the dryer?
2019-08-20Ideas for climate strike for young kids (Sept. 20th)
2019-08-17curly hair woes
2019-08-14Is there a minivan in my future?
2019-08-12Wife and I are moving to first house in September. Looking for advice!
2019-08-08Used laptop recommendation - Flutter development edition
2019-08-05Which spelling alphabet should I learn?
2019-08-03Discussing the terrible book my father gave me with him?
2019-07-29What can I buy that will improve my life?
2019-07-10I really hate it here
2019-07-10potluck ideas: kidney failure edition
2019-07-09I want to be suspended in inter-galactic space
2019-07-05Help me Marie Kondo my squalid computer
2019-06-13Simple graphical representations of Los Angeles suggestions needed.
2019-06-06Where in the world could I live?
2019-06-05Mural suggestions
2019-06-04Best affordable summer camp/canoe trip supplies for 12yo boy
2019-06-01Tell me the cool way you organize your car
2019-05-30Cast-iron tub to shower; convert or replace?
2019-05-29Razz-Ma-Tazz Me
2019-05-19Motivation to save small amounts of money when goal feels huge?
2019-05-18Workplace Celebration Food Ideas
2019-05-14Recipes for a less-sweet breakfast cake?
2019-05-14how to: limited water at apartment/get a rent break
2019-05-14Gear: Car camping edition, Canada focus
2019-05-14How much should I worry about a snap closure for a bag/purse?
2019-05-13how to: limited water at apartment/get a rent break
2019-05-09How to get school district to stop idling buses?
2019-05-08A real rhubarb of a pickle of a jam
2019-04-23What are some blue things that are native to Los Angeles?
2019-04-16Vegetarian shank bones?
2019-04-15I Don't Know
2019-04-12I have money; how do I get the IRS to take it?
2019-04-07How does your garden grow?
2019-03-28Dog phobic and the unleashed dog
2019-03-26Managing a Rental Property for my Dad
2019-03-26Composting 101
2019-03-25advice that feels like bullying
2019-03-24What do you love/hate about your home design, with toddler
2019-03-23Can I cut-and-paste the top of this dress to a different skirt?
2019-03-23I think my mom needs to go out on disability, how do I help her do it?
2019-03-21OK to eat? Deep fry edition.
2019-03-17Bring them breakfast muffin recipes (aka when your baby is a lark)
2019-03-12Name those artists
2019-03-10Should I host this houseguest again?
2019-03-10You can lead a baby to water...
2019-03-09What is cake?
2019-03-07Combine a station wagon and a camper van?
2019-03-05When was my dad drafted?
2019-03-02Can blockchain improve my sex life?
2019-02-26Home temperature, long visit - what's fair
2019-02-25YANAL, but how do I get this girl out of my house?
2019-02-21What else can I put in my heels?
2019-02-18Help me find the bright metal tables I saw at a Thai restaurant
2019-02-15Drinking the Kool-Aid
2019-02-13Can I eat this? Boiled chicken edition
2019-02-10Mouse Turds, Aging parent, Good Lord Hope Me Metafilter
2019-02-02Car trade in—how does it work?
2019-01-12Replacing over-the-range microwave
2019-01-10My hair is ...sticky?
2019-01-08Smart thermostat, maximum privacy?
2019-01-06Why am I the mosquitos chosen snack?
2019-01-05International babies and parents - vaccines?
2019-01-05Need to rehome a challenging dog--need suggestions
2019-01-03How can I heat my entire car up to and hold at 160 degrees?