Which comments by humboldt32 were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-14replacing bottom of cabinet under kitchen sink due to water damage
2017-12-14replacing bottom of cabinet under kitchen sink due to water damage
2017-12-14Why do I start to feel sick when I read medical information?
2017-11-26Deadbolt with a non-standard 2" backset
2017-11-15Beginner seeks help with kayak purchase
2017-11-13What's on your European bucketlist?
2017-10-21New Cedar Fence - Seal/Stain or Not?
2017-10-07Help us fall in love with sweet potatoes!
2017-10-05How do YOU meditate?
2017-09-21Banner/topper for merchandiser fridge?
2017-09-20Can't find this feminist song from the 70s
2017-09-15Getting started with DIY electrical
2017-09-01What song is playing in the Ulo Kickstarter video?
2017-08-25Possible to fix "checked" / split cedar posts?
2017-08-22What's up with the cars parking on the off-ramps?
2017-08-12How do I access the screws on this Toto toilet seat?
2017-08-10Listening to the Fab Four, all of them.
2017-07-29queer girlie pop/disco
2017-06-29Urgently need rocket alternative
2017-06-25Hole in a stucco wall - does it need to be repaired?
2017-06-16Plug of War! Or why wiring in an old house is frusterating...
2017-05-29See bigger photos on my Tumblr dashboard?
2017-05-09How to create a registered members only page with order form?
2017-05-04Cellphone Service Provider in Netherlands
2017-04-28Public Transportation in The Netherlands
2017-04-13What type of stain should be use for house exterior cedar?
2017-04-06Any way to be challenged less on this recaptcha?
2017-04-05Castlevania IRL?
2017-02-03Am I In General Contractor Hell (or not?)
2017-01-23Dog-friendly winter day-hiking/snowshoeing in the Olympic Peninsula
2017-01-10GrammarFilter: How many plurals?