Which comments by fingersandtoes were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-21I need to get edibles to a Tacoma address by Christmas Eve
2019-12-17where can I read things out loud for fun?
2019-12-12how to ask bank to forgive (correct) low balance fees?
2019-12-10Reading and watching recommendations: weight loss, society, and you
2019-12-05What's our new last name?
2019-12-03Pie/2 - leftover pecan pie goo
2019-11-30The lonely, lonely air fryer
2019-11-17"Ideas for ""Cozy"" birthday evening"
2019-10-29Can you help me recreate the vegan mushroom couscous from Zaytinya?
2019-10-15What’s the kindest thing to do?
2019-10-12Mum threatening to divorce my 75yr old dad
2019-10-12Friends’ opinions of new dating prospect
2019-10-10I don't like having my brains picked.
2019-10-04Parents want to leave bulk (all?) to my brother, in their will
2019-09-30Shana tova!
2019-09-28How to find a guide in Istanbul?
2019-09-13Why Do Some Retailers Not Have Online Shops
2019-09-08Question for bakers of MeFi
2019-09-08Question for bakers of MeFi
2019-08-13i like those dark floral flavors
2019-08-13i like those dark floral flavors
2019-08-01Kitchen Renovation Insanity: Tiling Edition
2019-07-22How does one become a lawyer? Guides? Blogs? Checklists?
2019-07-19Media about making peace with the end of a relationship
2019-07-10potluck ideas: kidney failure edition
2019-07-07Am I a freak for not being more upset about my husband's infidelity?
2019-06-22Need a japanese toilet seat in Canada. Not crazy expensive
2019-06-22Baby rules
2019-06-20How do I gently talk to my family doctor about her mistake?
2019-06-16The Best Hummus Recipe
2019-06-03What is this behaviour called, and how do I put a stop to it?
2019-05-17What newer SUVs will I love as much as my 2011 Honda CR-V?
2019-04-25Reasonable to skip a tricky wedding? difficulty level: mom
2019-04-23I'm not a Pediatrician, but I play one at Daycare...
2019-04-22"Dental protocol on ""free"" cleaning"
2019-04-12"Getting married, changing my name, and feeling like a ""bad feminist."""
2019-04-01Why did this recipe fail?
2019-03-31Tips for managing lower back while walking — not before or after
2019-03-24What do you love/hate about your home design, with toddler
2019-03-24What do you love/hate about your home design, with toddler
2019-03-21OK to eat? Deep fry edition.
2019-03-14I think I like my solitude.
2019-03-10You can lead a baby to water...
2019-03-06I want the hot sauce that balrogs would make
2019-03-05Splinty kind of woman
2019-02-28A Vegetarian Salad Cookbook Doesn't Help This Time, Oddly....
2019-02-25The vagueries of vaginas
2019-02-12Older man from church shouldn't be driving
2019-02-11My friend is mad at me for asking her dog to wear a service vest.
2019-01-30My precious?