Which comments by raccoon409 were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-11-30help me buy less stuff
2019-09-19Flowchart tool that doesn't require free drawing arrows
2019-08-27What are the pros and cons of giving your kid a debit card?
2019-08-03You're Killing Me Smalls
2019-07-22How do I help a friend who might be in an abusive relationship?
2019-07-18kayak or paddleboard or canoe or something?
2019-05-30Something like Smores but infinitely better!
2019-05-18US>France plug adapters in Paris
2019-05-02Waterproof phone bike mounts that don't cause overheating
2019-04-11Looking for lit suggestions for particular freshman college demographic
2019-04-09"How do you respond to ""Where do you want to go?"""
2019-04-03How were you shown you were loved as a kid?
2019-03-25You have curly hair. You workout before work. How?
2019-03-20"I hate when people give me the frozen smile say and ""you look great!"" "
2019-03-16Using bedrest for the best (face, hair, stress...)
2019-03-16Using bedrest for the best (face, hair, stress...)
2019-03-07Where do young, upper middle class women shop for clothes?
2019-01-26What's My Bag: Lightweight Backpack Edition