Which comments by Lyn Never were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-28ISO swimming top (tankini or otherwise) with specific requirements
2021-12-27Dress me for 2022!
2021-12-27How to keep most delicious basset hound tail out of basset hound mouth?
2021-12-23Emergency Hummingbird Feeder Heater Needed
2021-12-23Emergency Hummingbird Feeder Heater Needed
2021-12-14Stocking Stuffers for an 18yo?
2021-12-13Remote full-time WFH contract - notify if I go international?
2021-12-07is there someone I can pay to put air in my own tires for me?
2021-12-02Can I eat this? Air fryer hard-boiled eggs
2021-11-28Brain Drugs Filter: Trazodone Going Tango Uniform after 26 years.
2021-11-25Quick tricks to rapidly reduce diastolic blood pressure?
2021-11-21Vicarious NYC food adventures
2021-11-19Treadmill recommendations needed.
2021-11-19Treadmill recommendations needed.
2021-11-17Computer file storage
2021-11-17How do I make some fake fake news?
2021-11-15Dinner ideas needed
2021-10-27Please help me converse with a 20 year old
2021-10-27Ground chicken sausage recipe? Help a mostly vegetarian cook out.
2021-10-26Was this a case of medical neglect?
2021-10-13Became alienated from many friends over the past 5 years
2021-10-08Side sleepers of AskMefi - HOW DO?
2021-10-06Should I quit today or quit later? (C-PTSD Version)
2021-09-22Life in Los Angeles with one year old?
2021-09-22Steps to get over a trauma bonded relationship with a Narcissist
2021-09-18My twenties are ruining my thirties
2021-09-14YANMD but..help me and my MD figure out this fever
2021-09-12What’s new in optometry?
2021-09-02Anyone else have a weird head cold lately?
2021-09-02Afghan clothing
2021-08-29How do these bagels have 13g of protein?
2021-08-28I'm overwait and visiting high altitude - breathing concerns
2021-08-27Seeking Short Horror Story Compliations
2021-08-23Pimp my TV please: Better YouTube edition!
2021-08-20Raise Your Hand If You Think This Is Rude
2021-08-18How to go to a wedding now that Delta exists
2021-08-12Ways to Support Small Child with COVID
2021-08-08Going to a con in Atlanta over Labor Day...horrible idea, right?
2021-08-08Combining Households as Adults
2021-07-30Please go away forever?
2021-07-24Struggling friend of the bereaved
2021-07-23Tricks for being in your own corner?
2021-07-22When should I get an oil change?
2021-07-22Info on getting another vaccine after 2 jabs of Astra Zeneca?
2021-07-19In the bedroom, how do the two become one?
2021-07-15Dog has a tumour on the spleen, not sure what to do
2021-07-14A brand new member of the instant pot community. HELP
2021-07-12Perfect noisy table fan for white noise?
2021-07-07Hair Help Desperately Needed.
2021-07-06Budget laptop for bare-bones use?
2021-07-06Writing on c-PTSD more broadly than child abuse
2021-07-02How would you break this move into manageable chunks?
2021-07-02How would you break this move into manageable chunks?
2021-06-29Apartment Hacks: Storage and Organization
2021-06-29Whole-House Fan Strategy?
2021-06-29Using up (NOT freezing) lots of basil without lots of fat?
2021-06-24Gardening: My city is turning into a desert for a week
2021-06-23Beanbags for grown-ups?
2021-06-22Perspective and Permission
2021-06-20talk to me about C-PTSD and borderline personality disorder
2021-06-16Is there an award for most uses of the word magnet in an ask?
2021-06-15You did what? Coping with youth risk taking
2021-06-15Podcast and Audiobook suggestions, please!
2021-06-04background check question
2021-06-02what is this kind of domestic help professional called?
2021-05-28What a pain in the arm
2021-05-25Job is not a fit! I need a script to transfer/leave
2021-05-19Toe Woes
2021-05-19Can my family live off low cook/no cook meals 3/4 of the time?
2021-05-17Tips for welcoming a 3x runaway teen nephew into our home?
2021-05-13Saving egg yolks till later?
2021-05-12"Tips for puff pastry ""pizza"" in a fan oven? "
2021-05-12Sharks in the kitchen!
2021-05-11Yummiest tomato varieties?
2021-05-06Worth reviving an abandoned minivan?
2021-05-04Temporary WIFI solution if you don’t have a mobile hotspot?
2021-05-03help me deal with a compulsive liar
2021-04-30What to do with vegetable seedlings when I have no garden
2021-04-30Tell me about your severe and/or extended COVID vaccine reactions.
2021-04-29What should I sell?
2021-04-22"Help me with a symbol or token for ""No negativity spirals!"""
2021-04-21What strange things has your dog eaten?
2021-04-21What strange things has your dog eaten?
2021-04-19Grad School PhD Success Celebration, COVID-style
2021-04-17What delicious things should I plant? (Absolute beginner edition)
2021-04-17My dog and baby rabbit. Help.
2021-04-14cold reading like psychics do: I need to read about it
2021-04-13cold reading like psychics do: I need to read about it
2021-04-11If therapy isn’t working, what’s next?
2021-04-09Did I screw up my Covid vaccination by taking Advil a few days later?
2021-04-09Did I screw up my Covid vaccination by taking Advil a few days later?
2021-04-01Show me your seamless, soft socks
2021-03-26no ill effects after second Moderna shot - does it mean anything?
2021-03-23I made a big boo-boo
2021-03-15Grabber needed for lake cleanup
2021-03-14My friends lied and got the covid vaccine. How bogus is their excuse?
2021-03-13Food after getting dental implant?
2021-03-09No salt, no spice, no fun food
2021-03-02(Human) hair and washing machines
2021-03-02(Human) hair and washing machines
2021-03-01Baby shower gift. Difficulty level: witchy.
2021-03-01Crooked lamp shades
2021-03-01Crooked lamp shades
2021-02-21What claims can legitimately be made about the Covid vaccines?
2021-02-17Neurotic question about NSAIDs, covid vaccine
2021-02-07Visiting vaccinated parents - can/should I do it?
2021-02-07What to do about old grief?
2021-02-04How do I explain getting fired / managed out
2021-02-04your tips for dealing with an unpredictable dog
2021-02-02How to overcome feelings of insecurity as a single mother?
2021-02-01Reliable remote therapy
2021-02-012018 Toyota Yaris iA problems
2021-01-29Talk to me about forgiveness.
2021-01-24Starting to eat low carb - what is normal?
2021-01-22How to help, social services edition
2021-01-16What is going on with my digestive system?
2021-01-15Division of labor in marriage, ADHD edition
2021-01-14is there something wrong with me
2021-01-11Help me be paranoid in the right direction
2021-01-08"Does this insomnia ""clock"" exist? If not, can I make it somehow?"
2021-01-06A podcast for a podcast-hater
2021-01-04Eating for one: Optimizing for health, weight control, and convenience
2021-01-04something strange happened
2021-01-04How to keep a puppy busy
2021-01-02Looking for more kind TV
2021-01-01Dream flashbacks...is this a thing?
2021-01-01vegetable roasting question