Which comments by Candleman were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-31Digital delivery of a gift card
2019-12-13Formatting external HD
2019-12-07Looking a gift LSR305 in the mouth
2019-12-02Doggo or Pupper
2019-11-02What game/toy do you play with your older cat boy/lady?
2019-10-25Standby HELOC benefits
2019-10-17Help us survive our first family snowy winter in a mountain home
2019-09-21Super smelly trash chute in modern 2015 apartment building—red flag?
2019-09-15Dad wants freeloading brother (and ferrets) gone – but how?
2019-09-12Maybe THIS Is How I Can Stop Working
2019-07-18When all is lost, be your own raft
2019-07-08What do I do with this sodium citrate?
2019-07-07VPN sometimes not functional when it would be most useful?
2019-06-28About Putting on Those Event T-shirts
2019-06-25Cool Shoes!
2019-06-22how to add text to many photos keeping text size consistent
2019-06-18What can happen on my special-use Android 6.0?
2019-06-16oh how silly
2019-06-122 cars - 1 car = 1 car
2019-06-05"Are ""interest-free"" cell phone purchase plans REALLY interest-free?"
2019-05-31Working with a venue to book an artist?
2019-05-14Gear: Car camping edition, Canada focus
2019-05-12Can a “linear array” PA system work for a rock band?
2019-05-07Livin on the road my frieeend...
2019-05-02Best way to communicate with an event team?
2019-04-06Cloven hoof prints turn up in the garden.
2019-03-28Turntable/receiver speaker output to new soundbar
2019-03-27Smart Switch for Water Heater
2019-03-25Please help me get rid of this laptop before it becomes a museum piece.
2019-03-05Looking to get food in Vegas without breaking the bank
2019-03-02Add a battery to an old-school Bose SoundDock?
2019-02-23TSA 3-1-1 quart bag size question
2019-02-21Gmail won't load
2019-02-18Best portable device to view photos
2019-02-08Really small, really cheap computer for photo slideshow
2019-02-02Refund blues
2019-02-02Good title for a Mountain Goats-esque song
2019-01-27How to sell art books
2019-01-15I proclaim you... something.
2019-01-03What other music sounds like this?