Which comments by mskyle were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

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2019-11-06I think I put myself on a list - How do I stop these calls?
2019-11-04"How do I make a magic ""turn out the lights"" button?"
2019-10-20Drying newspaper in oven
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2019-09-21Last Name of Illegitimate Child in the Southern US?
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2019-08-07Safari spooking
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2019-06-29Help me paint a small wall economically
2019-06-13I Once Had a Pair of Flowing, Loose, Silky, Bohemian Pants - Need Name
2019-05-18Workplace Celebration Food Ideas
2019-05-13how to: limited water at apartment/get a rent break
2019-03-2733p! h4lp me survive 80-hour weeks at code school!
2019-03-04What's the best protein powder for jello?
2019-02-19A link to the links
2019-02-17Choosing a meal replacement
2019-01-30My precious?
2019-01-29Paying off debts: Mortgage pre-approval edition
2019-01-18Me, I disconnect from you
2019-01-08Black tie whyyyy