Which comments by Tell Me No Lies were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-31Should I give money to children who are begging in Beirut?
2019-12-13Purpose of short sidewalks in front of businesses
2019-12-12Safety of WIFI in Assisted Living
2019-12-12Safety of WIFI in Assisted Living
2019-12-02identify this trope
2019-11-28Help me name this video game from the late 80s-early 90s.
2019-11-25Why don’t people like it when I gain self confidence?
2019-11-18"Etiquette/Manners Filter: Go-To Quip for vendor ""I don't work here"" ?"
2019-11-16Google is worthless without knowing the names of stuff
2019-11-13Not being the smartest one creates self-hate
2019-10-31Angry outbursts - can you help?
2019-10-28should I stop seeing my therapist?
2019-10-27What is pride?
2019-10-22"Gift for the woman who has every ""thing"" she wants"
2019-10-16Security tag still on after I bought backpack
2019-10-13Coping with megacrunch
2019-10-06Too-soft mattress help
2019-09-10Slight personality changes in the past 3 years
2019-09-09I need to put this elsewhere
2019-08-30Let sleeping dogs lie?
2019-08-25Is lying ever forgiveable?
2019-08-24Is it ok for me to make a request of a local charity that I worked for?
2019-07-29What can I buy that will improve my life?
2019-07-26How can I briefly stall on an offer? I'm working with recruiters.
2019-07-24How to enjoy myself with someone new?
2019-07-20Best way to do Death Valley at Thanksgiving?
2019-07-11I really hate it here
2019-07-10I really hate it here
2019-07-01what is he trying to say?
2019-01-24Going to California